Dating agency cyrano ep 5 dramabeans

They've made her up to look older than she actually is, and lee jong hyuk has always appeared younger than his actual age. Seung Pyo, through his mobster connections, learns the reason behind Do Il and Yi Seol's fight and wants to gets revenge against Byung Hoon. She raps on the glass, then sticks that band-aid on the glass. He mistakes her as another potential customer and tells her to take the last courageous step towards Cyrano. But Byung-hoon is smiling, and assures him that he did very well.

I thought this episode was much more interesting and compelling than ep 5:

Seehorce June 19, at 3: It will probably be the final nail in his coffin of misery. I don't know if I said things clearly xD. But Hae-shim walks back down, and glumly tells Granny that she really did intend to jump if he said yes. I am so happy to hear I was not the only one not to care about the couple being set up this week. Episodes by abirdword.