World of tanks luchs matchmaking

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Matchmaking rule changes have shifted around Tiers II and III somewhat, you do not have to go very far at all to find someone struggling. Ok, now that that is out of the way Nice job getting this win rate up. When you can play poorly and still kill 9 with a Kolobanov's you know something is in the air. Cookie Policy.

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Scout tanks Take two tanks, the Covenanter and the Panzer 38 nA.

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Should the Luchs be Nerfed?

Tidan10, on 26 April - There is also a mission associated with the offer, but it is only aimed at platoons. Well we now have some more detail of course. C, the vehicle featured a new hull and turret, as well as a chassis with a staggered arrangement of roadwheels. Essentially, if all players in platoon are playing vehicles Tier IV or above and they earn the Brothers in Arms medal they all get extra experience. Excellent top speed, maneuverability also able to pivotand acceleration Good camouflage values Good view range Adorable High penetration and burst damage on the 3cm auto-cannon Cons:

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world of tanks luchs matchmaking
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world of tanks luchs matchmaking
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world of tanks luchs matchmaking
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